Sunday, August 25, 2013

We Are Here

I got lots of updates for you but for now ...We have made it to Florida and obviously now have internet.  We are livablely unpacked but still have tons to go.  The dogs are enjoying their new backyard but I don't think the neighbors are enjoying the games of chase the squirrels the dogs have been playing.  We are keeping that game between 10 am and 5 pm  so at least we will hopefully not be keeping anyone awake.  We are not leaving them out all day but when they have to go do their duty before or after that we bring them right back inside to keep them from getting started.  The kids are not to happy since they have already started school but they are also excited about meeting new people so it balances out.  We went to our first Niceville High School Football game... these are really big deal down here the place was packed!  I'm still picking a spot to put my veggie garden and I've been talking to some of the locals about growing here.  The winter is suppose to be really good for cool weather veggies I can't wait.  I'll be sharing pics soon as I find my camera.


Sandee said...

I'm happy that you are there safely. Good for all of you. The dogs will settle in just like the rest of you. Patience.

Have a fabulous Sunday. :)

April Sargent said...

Thanks Sandee... the dogs are settled its the neighbors I'm worried about lol :D