Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saving Money At Work

Work is the place you go to make the cash you need to do the things you want or need to do.


It is also the place that can nickle, dime and dollar you into the poor house.  I will use myself as an example... Right across the parking lot where I work is Panera Bread.  Now I don't want to say anything bad about them because I really do like their food.  An iced tea there cost about $2 (not adding in the tax).  At least once a day a co-worker comes up and says they are making a Panera run would I like anything.  If I ordered an Iced Tea once a day that would end up at $10 (once again not including tax) a week or $520 dollars a year.  Now I don't know about you but I can find alot of better things to do with $520 then spend it on tea.    So I brought my own stuff to work.

Making Iced Tea At Work

COST:  1 Ice Tray ---  Free it came with the new fridge they ordered for our break room when the old one died.
             1 Coffee Mug ------ Free (yep didn't even pay for the mug)
             1 old Panera cup with straw --$2 at the original purchase free to reuse
             1 Box Green Tea ----  about $.08 a bag depending on the brand you chose.
So for the first cup of work made tea $2.08 for every cup after that $.08.

At 52 weeks it costs me 6.16 for a cup of tea at work every day for a total savings of 513.84.

This works for anything you chose to buy at work whether it is that candy bar from the snack machine or your lunch.


Meandu said...

It really does pay to bring or make your own snacks and lunches at work rather than to always go or order out for these things.

April said...

Yep it does. Thanks for stopping by Meandu

Ratty said...

Great idea. I always take my own food and drink to work. Food near work is always expensive.

April said...

Thanks Ratty Food is expensive everywhere around here in long island lol

wendy said...

resto food is expensive anywhere:-) so this is a great idea!

J said...

Thanks for sharing this tip on how to save money while at work. I on my part bring my own food to work so that I can save money too.

Pearl said...

I bet this is even more healthy. You're SMART!
I am your newest follower, come visit my site too:-) Thanks

April said...

Thanks for stopping by Pearl and thanks for joining. I like your site that tilapia recipe look delish