Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trash To Treasure

My son is in boyscouts and for one of his awards he has to grow some plants. Now everyone knows it's winter in most places and here is no execption. So whats a mom to do?

Well if she is smart and just a little bit lucky she can turn a piece of garbage into a mini green house.

The piece of Garbage is a store cupcake container that someone threw on the ground. It has twelve cups and is clear.First fill the cups with some potting soil. (use potting soil not dirt from the back yard its lighter weight and won't have any unidentified seeds in it.)

Then place some seeds (my son chose pumpkin) in the cups and cover them with dirt.

Sprinkle then with water until the dirt is damp.

Then close the clear plastic lid and set in a sunny window. TA DA Instant green house.

I'll post an update on the pumpkins after they start growning.

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Mom's Mind said...

Excellent job recycling! Yes, this counts towards your entry for my blog giveaway!

Love it! : )