Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My only successful crop this year

I only planted one small bit of sweet potatoes but it was my best crop. I planted in a tall planter and just left it to grow. The vines went everywhere I even cut them back once. I talked to a gentleman to the farmers market he said I shouldn't have done that said its better to just let them grow. Even though it was only a small amount I did get a whole bunch of sweet potatoes.  They have to sit for 2 weeks at least before they'll be sweet. I'm going to let them sit till Thanksgiving and serve them up for Thanksgiving dinner.


Sandee said...

An excellent Thanksgiving side dish indeed. Enjoy.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Gail said...

In gardening I have noticed there will be one thing that really out does itself. These are great.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandee its going to be great making sweet potatoes with my very own sweet potatoes :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Gail... I think next year I will plant a bunch of flowers around my garden to go with the veggies... I had flowers on the plants but nothing got pollenated.. That and the bugs that ate my squash plants :P